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Smart City Wien – Ready for the future!

Smart City Vienna is a long-term initiative by the city of Vienna to improve the design, development and perception of the federal capital. Smart City Vienna looks at a cross-section of the city, covering all areas of life, work and leisure activities in equal measure, and includes everything from infrastructure, energy and mobility to all aspects of urban development.


Smart City Vienna has set itself the task of consistently and continuously modernising the city in order to reduce energy consumption and emissions significantly without having to forego any aspects of consumption or mobility. Smart City Vienna stands for the “intelligent city”, intelligent and innovative solutions, responsible and sustainable use of resources.


Smart City Wien has to be seen as a permanently growing, dynamic process. Therefore also this website underlies constant expansion and development.

Smart City Top

Die Stärken Wiens zu nutzen, auszubauen und internationalisieren, das steht auf den Agenden der kommenden Jahre dieser Stadt.

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Smart City Wien Projects

  • aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside

    The 240-hectare project area makes it one of Europe’s largest urban developments. Quality of life and cooperation rank at the top of the agenda.

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  • EcoBuy Vienna

    The “EcoBuy Vienna” project’s aim is to make procurement activities at Vienna’s enterprises more ecologically sustainable.

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  • Citizens’ Solar Power Plants

    Viennese citizens have the opportunity to participate in the development of renewable energies. Citizens’ Solar Power Plants mark the beginning of the dawn of a solar energy future for Vienna.

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Smart City Wien News

Deputy Mayor Brauner: Top ranking proves us right in our innovation funding strategy

“Vienna’s outstanding performance in the global innovation ranking once again goes to show that we are pursuing the right strategy by taking sustainable measures for this location”

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Waste management in Vienna has long achieved zero emissions

As international networks in this field become increasingly important, Vienna has decided to join the “R20 Regions of Climate Action” initiative founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010.

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Häupl/Brauner/Vassilakou on Mercer study results: “Vienna remains number one for quality of life”

Keeping up investments in forward-looking areas – even in difficult times: Vienna Mayor thanks local citizens and city administration staff

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Vienna: a leading ”smart city”

A first worldwide comparison of cities regarding innovation, technology and sustainability lists Vienna as the world’s number one “Smart City”.

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